Jon Davis-Hunt cover

Cover by Jon Davis-Hunt

Its author Alec Worley describes Age of the Wolf as follows: "Created by myself and artist Jon Davis-Hunt for 2000 AD, Age Of The Wolf is an apocalyptic adventure in which werewolves have overrun the world, as a centuries-old prophecy causes a full moon to rise every night. Set primarily amid the ruins of London, the series follows a woman named Rowan Morrigan, who fights to not only defy her destiny but also retain her humanity as civilisation crumbles throughout this three-part series." (Source: Worley's website.)

Series one of Age of the Wolf was published in 2000 AD progs 1700 to 1708. Series two, She is Legend, was in progs 1772 to 1781, and series three, Wolfworld, was in progs 1840 to 1850. The first two series were lettered by Simon Bowland, and the third by Annie Parkhouse. All three series have been collected in a graphic novel published by Rebellion, available here.

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