Meltdown Man

Hebden's creation Nick Stone, drawn by Massimo Belardinelli

Comics writer Alan Hebden was born on May 5th 1950, in Bristol, and is not yet dead. His career started with scripts for Commando, Victor and Hornet. For Battle Picture Weekly he wrote Rat Pack and Major Eazy (which he co-created). He also wrote The Angry Planet in Tornado.

Hebden's first work for 2000 AD was one of Tharg's Future Shocks in prog 27. He also wrote the M.A.C.H. One stories M.A.C.H. Woman and Death Ray; the Mean Team story Return of the Mean Team; and a number of Future Shocks. Several series were created by him: Death Planet; Meltdown Man (with Massimo Belardinelli — it ran for 50 episodes); The Amazing Maze Dumoir (with Ian Gibson); and PSI-Testers.

Alan Hebden also wrote for Eagle (for which he created The Tower King, The Fifth Horseman and The Amstor Computer); Starlord (for which he created Holocaust, Mind Wars and Skirmish!); and Tornado.

Alan continues to write for Commando to this day.

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