Batman Annuals have been published in Britain since 1960, by a variety of publishers. From 1967-1970, in fact, more than one annual was published in a given year by different publishers, World Distributors Batman Annuals competing directly with those published by Top Sellers and Atlas Publishing, though the 1967-1970 World Distributors annuals were labelled Batman Storybook Annual and featured UK originated illustrated text stories rather than American DC Comics reprints! From 1974-1978, however, no individual Batman Annuals were published as the character was instead featured in four editions of the Superman/Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder Annual from Brown Watson (who also published the 1973 Batman Annual). From 1979-1989, the annuals were published by Egmont or its London Editions Magazines imprint, though World again published an annual in 1990 for 1991 (their last). By 1993, London Editions were Fleetway Editions so that years annual was a Fleetway publication. Later annuals have been published by various other publishers including Pedigree.

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