The protagonist of Skin, by Brendan McCarthy

Brendan McCarthy is a comics writer and artist from London, who broke into comics in 1978 by creating a one-page strip for the music paper Sounds, with writer Peter Milligan, whom he had met at art college. He began working for 2000 AD shortly afterwards and has continued to do so, working on strips including Judge Dredd, Tharg's Future Shocks, Walter the Wobot, ABC Warriors, Ro-Jaws' Robo-Tales, Strontium Dog, Sooner or Later and The Zaucer of Zilk. He also drew Strontium Dog for the Star-Lord Summer Special in 1978, an episode of New Statesmen for Crisis in 1989, Rogan Gosh for Revolver in 1990, and the graphic novel Skin, as well as material for Deadline, A1 and the Virgin Comics version of Dan Dare.

McCarthy has worked extensively in American comics for companies including Marvel Comics, Vertigo, Eclipse and IDW on characters and titles including Mister X, Spider-Man and Shade the Changing Man, and has worked in film and television. He is sometimes credited as R-MC2.

In 2015 McCarthy was credited as one of the writers of the universally acclaimed film Mad Max: Fury Road. His website is here.

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