Bunty was a long-running girls' comic first published by D.C. Thomson on the 18th January 1958. A rather conservative title, it carried mostly rather traditional stories, with boarding school being a favourite setting. Strips featured included The Four Marys by Bill Holroyd, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Paddy Brennan, The Dancing Life of Moira Kent by Ron Smith, World War II drama Catch the Cat, bionic schoolgirl Supergirl and Bunty — a Girl Like You (a one page strip featuring the comic's title character). From 1988 it acquired The Comp, about a mixed sex comprehensive school, which had previously run in the pages of Nikki. Bunty annuals were published from 1960. The title eventually first switched from weekly to monthly frequency and then finally folded in 2001, though not before first acquiring Mandy and Judy, which was cancelled in 1991 and merged into Bunty.

For many years, the back page of Bunty would feature a cut-out paper doll with paper clothes, though this eventually gave way to pin-up posters. Intact copies of Bunty tend to be quite scarce because of this nowadays.

See also: Bunty Picture Story Library for Girls.

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