CLiNT was a bi-monthly comics magazine aimed at older readers launched in September 2010 by Mark Millar, an anthology title featuring stories written by Millar and by others including comics fan and media personality Jonathan Ross. It was published by Titan Magazines, and featured strips including Hit-Girl, Kick Ass 2, American Jesus, Nemesis, Superior, Turf, Rex Royd, Super Crooks, The Secret Service, Death Sentence and Homesick, a mix of British-originated and American reprint material. The title was officially changed to Mark Millar's CLiNT from August 2012, one issue into volume two. The title CLiNT, which is always written in upper-case but with a lower-case "i", is a deliberate comics industry in-joke; traditionally, when comics printing techniques were somewhat less sophisticated than they are now and when it was customary for all text to be upper-case, writers were obliged to avoid the name "Clint" in case the print ran and caused the "L" and the "I" to run together and form a "U" (the word "flick" was avoided for the same reason). CLiNT was cancelled in August 2013, with volume two #8 being the last issue.

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