By John Ridgway



Calhab Justice wuz a recurrin' strip frae th' Judge Dredd Megazine, which started in ishays twae tae thirteen o' volume twae wi' a story written by Jim Alexander an' drawn by John Ridgway aboot Judge Ed MacBrayne an his pallies tryin' tae stop the Whisky clans frae startin' a bluidy revolution in Calhab by stealin' the Stane o' Destiny. Calhab is whit Scotland's called in the world o' yon scunner Judge Dredd, ye ken, and in the 22nd century it's the world's maest popular nuclear dumpin' groond, so the natives've prolly got whit ye might call a bit o' a chip on their collective shoulders aboot it!

Anyhoo, MacBrayne sorted the hool thing oot, an' the series returned fer a Hogmanay ane-aff story in ishay eighteen o' the Megazine. The next story, Dounreay, was in ishays thirty-one tae thirty-three (still written by yon Alexander, bit noo drawn by LOL an wi' letters by Annie Parkhouse). Some Sassenach called Judge Dupré, ane o' Brit-Cit's finest, is seconded tae the Calhab force tae help stop a nuclear meltdoon...'ceptin he turns oot tae be an imposter, a terr'ist nae less!

The series came back agin in ishay forty-four wi' a ane-aff story called Casualty which led intae a story called Unfinished Business in forty-five tae forty-nine, then a few mir ootin's in sixty-three tae seventy-twae (some drawn by Kevin Cullen) but there's bin nae mir since, which is a bit o' a shame, really. 'Twas really well written, tae!

Several episodes o' Calhab Justice wuz reprinted in collected form in Calhab Justice Vol 1 1, gi'en awae free wi' Judge Dredd Megazine #352.

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