Cmj miller

Captain Marvel Jr (Subtitled "The Young Marvelman")

Captain Marvel Jr was a reprint series published by L.Miller & Son from 1945-1954, a companion title to their popular Captain Marvel Adventures series, reprinting the adventures of teenage superhero Captain Marvel Jr originally published in the US by Fawcett Publications. The series ran for three volumes comprised of 68 issues, and was one of Milleers' best selling titles. When legal action by rival publisher DC Comics prevented Fawcett from continuing to publish the Captain Marvel characters, leaving Miller with no more reprint material forthcoming, the company responded by replacing 'Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr with their own new characters, Marvelman and Young Marvelman, and the Captain Marvel Jr title became Young Marvelman as of Vol. 3 issue #25 (though the new title was incorporated into the covers of the issues immediately preceding the change).

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