2000 AD prog 1517 cover
Chiaroscuro is "management or disposition of light and shade in a picture; a painting in black and white; the effect of light and shade or variety and contrast." It comes from the Italian chiaro clear or bright, and oscuro dark.1 Chiaroscuro is also a 2000 AD strip by Simon Spurrier and Smudge which ran from progs 1507 to 1517 (pictured) in 2006. Anthony Elvy is the son of a famous film director and reckons that the industry has become totally fake and insincere, but his search for authenticity gets him more than he bargained for when he's given a film reel of some Cubans being executed by US soldiers. Spurrier describes the story as "a slow, creepy tale about dark goings-on in the film industry, focusing on fascination with snuff movies and Mondo documentaries" (Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop).

1Definition taken from Chambers Dictionary (12th edition).

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