Chronos Carnival
"The Chronos Carnival. A name that's legend across a hundred parallel realities. A name told to children by parents on a thousand planets. A name spoken in a million languages... But for all that fame, the people behind the carnival work in anonymity. Fame is the least of their goals."

Chronos Carnival was a 2000 AD strip about a carnival... in space! The main characters were Jenny and Neil. They both had guns and rather snazzy scarlet outfits, as befits interstellar fairground people, and Neil was a former pilot who used a futuristic wheelchair. The strip was written by Hilary Robinson and drawn by Ron Smith. It had two stories, Chronos Carnival (progs 676 to 681) and Caverns of Colony Five (progs 695 to 699). They were later reprinted in a single volume (see picture). Once Robinson had left 2000 AD because of an argument about copyright, no more Chronos Carnival stories were produced.

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