Cloud 9

Cloud 9 (also called Task Force UK) were a superhero team created by a scientist named Dr. Peyne, who deliberately bred superhumans for this purpose. Consisting of Mandala, Red Dragon, Voltage, Lux, Spook, White Heat and Doctor Beat, the team protected Britain throughout the 1960s. Eventually Lux proposed that humanity was obsolete and that Cloud 9 should force the beginning of a new 'Age of Aquarius', with themselves as the new humanity. The group was split on the issue, with Mandala and Red Dragon strongly opposed to the idea.

When the CIA eliminated White Heat and Dr. Beat, Lux and Spook faked their own deaths and disappeared, while the remaining three members supposedly lost their powers as a result of a mysterious illness almost certainly engineered by the CIA. In fact, both Red Dragon and Voltage regained their powers at some stage but claimed they had not, while Mandala almost certainly never lost his.

Decades later, Mandala, Voltage and Red Dragon were forced to return to action alongside the young superhuman Zenith (the son of White Heat and Dr. Beat) in order to fight the extradimensional Lloigor and their servant Masterman. Red Dragon died in the conflict. Years later, Lux and Spook returned, having begun to evolve into new forms, and corrupted Voltage.

They and others including the woman Blaze, a clone of White Heat, effectively became the Lloigor and attempted to destroy the Earth and conquer the universe, after regressing their creator, Peyne, to infanthood. They were tricked by Mandala, who trapped them in a pocket universe inside the creature called Chimera, Dr. Peyne's last creation.

Factual Information

Cloud 9 appeared in the strip Zenith in 2000 AD, and were created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell.

Members Gallery

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