Three books which could be loosely termed Dalek Annuals were published in the 1960s by Souvenir Press. They were: The Dalek Book (published in 1964, and one of the earliest pieces of Doctor Who or Daleks merchandise), The Dalek World (1965) and The Dalek Outer Space Book (1966). Subsequently, four editions of Terry Nation's Dalek Annual were published by World Distributors from 1975 to 1978 (dated 1976 to 1979) The only book which actually mentioned Doctor Who, however, was the first; all the others treated the Daleks as a stand-alone subject, though The Dalek Outer Space Book did use the character of Sara Kingdom of the Space Security Service, who had been a companion of The Doctor on the TV series. The 1970s annuals feature a cast of recurring characters fighting the Daleks, including Space Major Joel Shaw, the Martian Reb Shavron and the android Mark Seven. The 1977 annual also features reprints of The Dalek Chronicles from TV Century 21.

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