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For other versions of Dan Dare, see the disambiguation page.

Real name
Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare
Current alias
Ivor Dare (uncle)

Unusual features
ZigZag eyebrows
Spacefleet pilot
Normal human birth
First appearance

Eagle #1


Dare was a Colonel in Spacefleet. He and his aide Digby were among the greatest defenders of the planet Earth, often against the forces of the Mekon and his Treens or lesser menaces such as Vora, Blasco and the High Lords of Saturnia. Dare's superior at Spacefleet was Sir Hubert Guest. Dare was also assisted by a number of resourceful allies including Sondar the Treen, "Red" Tharl, the Therons, Hank and Pierre, Lex O'Malley, Flamer Spry and Professor Jocelyn Peabody.


  • Dare was resurrected in 2000 AD in 1977, in a revamped form which bore little resemblance to the original, the explanation being that he had been injured and spent decades in suspended animation.
  • Another version of him was revived in the revamped Eagle in the 1980s, but was given a totally new origin as a time traveller from 1950.
  • Further alternative versions included the embittered older Dare seen in the magazine Revolver and a version much like the 2000 AD one which was published by Virgin Comics.
  • The original Dare was revived for new adventures continuing directly from his Eagle run in Rod Barzilay's lavishly produced fanzine Spaceship Away.


Dan's name was probably inspired by the lyrics of the following American hymn, about the Old Testament hero Daniel (the one who emerged unscathed from the lions' den):

"Dare to be a Daniel!
Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known!"

This hymn makes Daniel a symbol of Christian fortitude in the face of physical and moral danger (e.g. lions, pagans, Treens, etc).


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