The Darkmoor Energy Research Centre (established in 1976 according to the plaque on the main gate) is a top secret research establishment on Darkmoor in the north east of England, run by Hugo Travis. Doctor Travis's protégé was Brian Braddock, a physics student who, when the Centre was attacked by agents of the criminal Reaver, thwarted the villain's plans after being granted the powers of Captain Britain by Merlyn the Wise. Braddock later returned to fill in as Head of Research for a time when he had temporarily lost his powers, and still later was summoned back by Dr Travis to assist with a project concerning antimatter, which was (unknown to them) attracting unwanted attention from the group known as the Secret Empire and their hired hand Assassin-8; Captain Britain defeated the villain with the assistance of Captain America, who had infiltrated the Centre disguised as a janitor.