Davelloyd read crikey
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From Doctor Who Magazine

David Lloyd (born 1950) is a comic artist who began his career in the late 1970's working for Halls of Horror, TV Comic and various Marvel UK titles, notably Hulk Comic and Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly (for which he co-created the Special Executive with Alan Moore). He created the character Night Raven for Hulk Comic, which led to Dez Skinn requesting that he work on Alan Moore's V for Vendetta strip for Warrior magazine. V for Vendetta is undoubtedly his most famous work, having been reprinted by America's DC Comics (for whom Lloyd and Moore actually concluded the previously unfinished series) and since adapted into a movie in 2006. Lloyd has also worked extensively for various American publishers, notably on DC's Hellblazer title.
David Lloyd Hulk Comic 16
Lloyd's Hulk strip, featuring Doctor Scarabeus

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