Pugh's cover for the 1991 Dan Dare Annual

David Pugh is a British comics artist (and occasionally writer) best known for his work on Sláine in 2000 AD, which he began drawing in 1984 after writer Pat Mills discovered him working on Captain Classified: Star Ranger for the weekly Glamorgan Star. His work on Sláine stories Time Killer and Tomb of Terror led to his becoming one of Fleetway's top artists in boys' adventure comics, working on strips such as Loner (in Wildcat) and various M.A.S.K stories written by Peter Milligan, as well as Dan Dare in the revived Eagle. He went on to work for a number of American publishers including AC Comics and Tekno Comix, as well as providing the colour and 3D computer effects for the Scorer strip in the Daily Mirror. He has also worked in the gaming industry and on children's books, and is the founder of Bus Fare, a charity set up to help migrant workers and refugees reunite with their families. He now lives in India, where he works extensively for charitable projects.

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