Death planet
Death Planet was a short serial by Alan Hebden and Lopez which ran in 2000 AD progs 62 to 70 in 1978. It was the story of Commander Lorna Varn, the captain of a colony ship from Earth which crash landed on a hostile alien world, and her attempts to keep the colonists safe from the planet's dangers despite the mistrust and antagonism of their leader, the unashamedly sexist Richard Cory. Lorna is pretty much forgotten now, but she has the distinction of being 2000 AD's first ever female lead.


In 2000 AD prog 284 the evil Dictators of Zrag take over 2000 AD and try to run it into the ground. One of the ways in which they attempt to do this is by "dropping Judge Dredd and bringin' back Death Planet." Ouch...

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