Appearing in "The Infinite Astronaut"

Featured characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Amstrons of the Great Wheel
  • The J'arrodic Federation

Other characters:

  • Ada Obiefune, Alice's mum (in flashbacks)
  • Someone who isn't Alice's mum


  • The Great Wheel, space
  • Somewhere else entirely


  • Large book


  • The Infinite, a starship

Synopsis for "The Infinite Astronaut"

Alice Obiefune and John Jones enter the unknown to stop an endless war. This is all in a day's work for TARDIS travellers, but what's really worrying Alice is: has her mother actually come back from the dead?


Published by Titan Comics in February 2015.


Released with a variant photo cover.

Recommended reading

The previous seven comics in this series, so that you know who Alice, John Jones and Arc actually are.

Links and references

Why not check out the Titan Comics website?

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