"Revolutions of Terror (part one)"

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Appearing in "Revolutions of Terror (part one)"

Featured characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Gabriella Gonzalez
  • Blanca, Gabriella's sister
  • Hector, Blanca's fiancé
  • Miguel Gonzalez, Gabriella's father
  • Maria Gonzalez, Gabriella's mother
  • Fernanda, Gabriella's grandmother
  • Cindy Wu, Gabriella's friend


  • Cerebravores

Other Characters:

  • Carlos, a baby who is six months old
  • Ricardo Mendoza, a politician


  • New York City


  • Washing machines


  • A subway train

Synopsis for "Revolutions of Terror (part one)"

Gabriella is the daughter of Mexican immigrants to the USA. She works in her father Miguel and mother Maria's restaurant. She also works in the laundromat with her sister Blanca's boyfriend, Hector. And she's taking a night school course in accountancy. On the whole, Gabriella's life isn't much fun. But when the laundromat goes crazy, her grandma Fernanda sees her dead husband, and a monster appears on the subway, it's all getting beyond a joke. Then the Doctor appears...


Released by Titan Comics in August 2014.


This issue was also released with three variant covers: a subscription variant by Elena Casagrande, a photo cover by Rob Farmer and a custom cover by Warren Pleece. Reprinted in the Doctor Who Comic Vol 1 1.

Recommended reading

The following issues of this comic, so you can find out what happens next.

Links and references

Why not check out the Titan Comics website?

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