Appearing in "Echo"

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Shreekers

Other characters:

  • Cindy Wu, Gabby's friend
  • Gabby's huge family
  • Echoes, peaceful floaty sonic sky-whale beings


  • Twenty-first century New York


  • Fluffy sonic ear-muffs


Synopsis for "Echo"

The Doctor takes a stand against bloodsports when Brooklyn is turned into a hunting ground for the Shreekers, a belligerent and ugly species who apparently have the 'cultural right' to kill Echoes, beings made of living sound.


Released in June 2015 by Titan Comics, with multiple covers.


The Shreekers are mentioned by the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #8, when he gives Kate Lethbridge-Stewart one of their sonic cannon to fight the Fractures with. He says it's from Brooklyn, so he clearly saved it from this adventure.

Recommended reading

The next issue of this comic.

Links and references

Why not check out the Titan Comics website?

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