Appearing in "The Swords of Kali (part one)"

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Some acolytes of Thuggee
  • The Scindias

Other characters:

  • Rani Jhulka
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Tiger Maratha


  • Madhya province, India, 1825
  • Florence, Italy, 1505
  • Mumbai, India, 2314


  • Cigar case full of jelly babies
  • Sonic screwdriver


Synopsis for "The Swords of Kali (part one)"

The Doctor gets a call for help from an old friend, but arrives to find him dead... and to become embroiled in a vampiric conspiracy that spans the ages. Oh, and Clara becomes the Mona Lisa.


Released in January 2015 by Titan Comics.


Also features Danny Pink and the Fourth Doctor (both as memories).

Recommended reading

Read the previous two issues to find out what's going on.

Links and references

Why not visit the Titan Comics website?

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