Appearing in "The Swords of Kali (part three)"

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:


  • Kali

Other characters:

  • Rani Jhulka
  • Priyanka Maratha
  • Khair-Un-Nissa
  • The souls of Rani's victims


  • Mumbai


  • Four magical swords
  • Haven, a torus-shaped space station


Synopsis for "The Swords of Kali (part three)"

Clara is possessed by Kali, goddess of death, as the Doctor tries to stop a space station from crashing into Mumbai.


Released in March 2015 by Titan Comics (with several variant covers).


The story ends with a beautiful firework display.

Recommended reading

The previous four issues, so you know who the characters are and what's going on.

Links and references

Why not visit the Titan Comics website?

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