Doctor Who Classic Comics was launched by Marvel UK on 9th December 1992, and ran for 27 issues until 7th December 1994. A 52 page monthly magazine, it initially reprinted classic Doctor Who strips from TV Comic and Countdown/TV Action, though it later reprinted Marvel's own Doctor Who strips as well when the earlier material began to run out. It also reprinted the classic The Dalek Chronicles strip from TV21 and ran a series of articles on Doctor Who comics, and in the ninth issue presented the 1965 Dell Comics adaptation of the movie 'Doctor Who and the Daleks' starring Peter Cushing. The magazine was a companion title to the long running Doctor Who Magazine and for a time, the two titles alternated in presenting excerpts from the 'telesnap archives' (photograpic reconstructions of sixties Doctor Who TV serials long since wiped by the BBC) in order to ensure that the readership of one of the titles would also pick up the other; a kind of 'crossover' never seen before!

In September 1993, a Doctor Who Classic Comics Autumn Special was published, featuring 'Evening's Empire', a story begun some time earlier for the regular Doctor Who Magazine but held back due to production problems. It was written by former Doctor Who TV script editor Andrew Cartmel.


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