Dolman 3
Real name
Chief Judge Fargo (clone); Judge Dredd (clone); Judge Rico (clone); Nimrod (clone, deceased); Vienna Dredd (surrogate niece)
Base of operations

Marital status
Member of Space Corps
Academy of Law
Clone of Judge Dredd
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 1378
2000 AD prog 2011 (published Jan 2017)


Dolman is a character from the 2000 AD strip Judge Dredd. He is a clone of Judge Dredd, created to become a Judge. Disgorged from his cloning tank in 2116 AD, with a mental and physical age of five years, Dolman spent the next ten years of his life as a cadet Judge at the Academy of Law. During this time he was befriended by Judge Rico, an older clone of Dredd's, who saw that his body language marked him as a member of the Dredd line: "No energy needlessly expended, force sufficient but never excessive."1 Nobody had told Rico that the boy was related to him.

Rico spent time with Dolman on family association days because he knew himself what it was like to be lonely. Normally cloned cadets were made to do extra work on family association days because they didn't have any loving parents who had handed them over to the Academy at the age of five and wanted to check on their child's progress. Apparently the Academy's tutors really wanted to rub in the fact that cloned cadets had no life outside the one for which they had been bred — the law.

After Rico left the Academy, Dolman's grades dropped dramatically and he got into trouble after three older boys picked a fight with him. Dolman beat all three, and put one in hospital. It emerged that Dolman was frustrated by the narrow confines of the life he had been designed for, and wanted to leave the Academy. The Principal told him he would only be permitted to quit after spending time on the streets with Rico, so he would know what he was giving up. Dolman duly spent time helping Rico — and, later Dredd himself — bring justice to Mega-City One. This involved making his first kill, when he helped quell rioting Citi-Def units and shot a man who was going to kill two unarmed civilians. He also met Dredd's niece, Vienna, who took a shine to the boy and applauded his intention to leave the Academy. Despite his time on the streets being "the most fantastic experience of my life," Dolman went ahead and left the Academy of Law, on the grounds that "I'm not a machine."2

Dolman was given a face change to protect his identity (although, as Vienna pointed out, nobody knows what Dredd's face looks like anyway) and joined the Space Corps. Vienna came to the spaceport to wish him goodbye — a true mark of affection, as she was suffering from agoraphobia and panic attacks at the time. She gave him mock-chocs, music slugs, her number and some money as a farewell present. During his time in the Corps Dolman returned to Mega-City One fairly regularly and kept in contact with Vienna, who let him stay in her apartment. He also took night classes in the city. While returning from one of these classes he intervened when he saw that four muggers had attacked a man and were watching him bleed to death. Dolman subdued all the perps and called the Judges, but ended up being sentenced to four years' encubement for manslaughter, as he had hit one of the muggers' heads against the wall so hard that he had died. Vienna asked Dredd to intervene, and Dolman was released after a couple of days, on the grounds that (as Dredd told the arresting Judge) he had only acted as his Justice Department training had programmed him to do.

Dredd regards Dolman as a useful ally. One of his achievements was to help prevent Mega-City One from being taken over by the alien Lawlords. Their human collaborators had control of orbital laser weapons programmed with the genetic signature of all of the Big Meg's Judges, capable of locating and annihilating in seconds any Judge who wasn't that keen on their city being taken over by extraterrestrial despots with massive chins. However, Dolman is not a Judge, as he pointed out to the quislings Indira Knight and Gideon Dallas before shooting them both in the head.

Dolman also helped to restore order in Mega-City One when Texas City tried to kill Dredd (with the help of Judges from Brit-Cit) and stage a takeover.

Powers and abilities


Although he chose not to become a Judge, Dolman's training at the Academy of Law has left him highly skilled in dealing with combat situations and an excellent shot. He acts as an adviser to Justice Department on occasion.

Strength level

Peak human male.







12000 AD prog 1378.
22000 AD prog 1381.


  • Dolman is genetically identical to Chief Judge Fargo, from whom Judge Dredd was cloned.
  • Dolman has no first name. He never chose one because he thought it was an unnecessary encumbrance.
  • 'Dolman' is also the technical name for the type of jacket warn by Nikolai Dante, with the heavy gold horizontal braid in stripes all down the front.
  • Dolman should not be confused with the unrelated character Dolmann.


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