Donna Catalina

Donna Catalina
Real name
Current alias
Donna Catalina
The Pope of Wyrms (father, deceased); unborn child
Base of operations

Marital status
A wyrm who took on human form
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 2012 (published Jan 2017)
2000 AD prog 2022


Donna Catalina is a character from the 2000 AD strip The Order. She is one of the 'wyrms' (extra-dimensional aliens who look a big like huge worms) that the eponymous Order fights when they try to break through into our world. Donna Catalina was spawned by a gigantic wyrm-being calling itself the Pope of Wyrms in seventeenth century France, and took on the form of a human woman. When she decided that living as a human was a pleasure she was loath to relinquish, she betrayed her father's location to the Order in return for an amnesty. The Order burned the Pope of Wyrms to death, and Donna Catalina felt the pain of his demise because the wyrms are a hive-race which share a single consciousness. This was why she had been unable to kill the Pope herself.

Of the Order's members at the time, Cyrano de Bergerac trusted Donna Catalina, whereas Clarick de Winter and Armand D'Athos thought that she was inherently treacherous. D'Athos persuaded members of the Order that Donna Catalina should be killed, but she was rescued by Cyrano, Ritterstahl and a past version of Ritterstahl (who opportunely appeared through a space-time portal), with the help of Taras Sich.

Donna was taken in the Order's gyro-rotor through another space-time portal to the bubble universe of New Atlantis, where she met Iztaccihuatl, Daniel Calhoun, Intuitor Browne and Francis Bacon. In New Atlantis' library, which contained books from different eras, she read a volume on human anatomy. She also became romantically involved with Cyrano, and used her knowledge of the wyrms' scent-language to save Queen Iztaccihuatl's life when the wyrms mounted an attack. New Atlantis later vanished after Ritterstahl and Intuitor Browne, following Donna Catalina's directions, made their way to the wyrm super-string that was altering the course of human history. Browne undid the changes to space-time by merging with the super-string — the opposite of what Donna Catalina had done when she changed from wyrm to human. However, although New Atlantis was no more, Donna Catalina and Cyrano de Bergerac were still in love. She helped him to fake his own death in 1655 AD, while she was pregnant with his child.

Powers and abilities


Can alter her shape to look like any human being, or like a wyrm. Has superhuman hearing that she can use to detect when a space-time portal is about to open. Can sprout gills and webbed hands when she finds herself underwater.


Can speak the wyrm language by exuding musk to form scent-words; can identify individual humans by their smell.

Strength level

Probably superhuman.





Gyro-rotor (ye olde helicopter).




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