"We will hit them without warning — without mercy! We will repay them for all the indignities they have heaped upon us! Before this day is over, I promise you — Mega-City One will be crushed — and its decadent citizens will be slaves to the might of our glorious East-Meg!"

The Sov Block city of East-Meg One was a huge sprawling conurbation with Moscow as its nucleus. It was similar to Mega-City One, the American mega-city centred on New York, but with an even more autocratic and repressive government (think Stalinism with jetpacks). Its notable citizens included Viktor Zadek, the psychic who attempted to overthrow the brutal Marshall Kazan, and Orlok, the assassin who started the city's war with Mega-City One by poisoning the latter's water supply in 2103 AD. When Mega-City One tried to hit back it discovered that East-Meg One was protected by the 'Apocalypse Warp', a force field made from a dimension warp which sent any missiles that hit it into a parallel dimension, destroying that dimension's Earth and its peaceful inhabitants.

East-Meg One killed half of the Big Meg's citizens and appeared to be winning the war until Judge Dredd, with the help of Judge Anderson, infiltrated a Sov missile silo and nuked East-Meg One into a charred cinder. Nearly all of its 500 million citizens were killed and the city now no longer exists, with only a radioactive waste land scarring the earth where once its titanic skyscrapers loomed.

Survivors of East-Meg One have been seeking revenge ever since their city was obliterated. Their most successful attempt was the 'Day of Chaos', when they killed 350 million citizens of Mega-City One with a virus.

Artists who have drawn the city include Jake Lynch and Carlos Ezquerra, whose art from The Apocalypse War is shown below.

East-Meg One

East-Meg One uses all its power to turn on its dimension-warping force field

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