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ETC officer
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2000 AD prog 2012 (published Dec 2011)


Feo is a character from the 2000 AD strip Grey Area. She is an Exo Transfer Control (ETC) squad member based in the Global Exo Segregation Zone, colloquially known as the Grey Area, where extraterrestrial immigrants are quarantined. It was originally based in the Arizona desert.

Feo once aided the rest of her squad in protecting the Earth from a planet-killing alien called a God-Star, by flying into its mouth and detonating a nuclear bomb. The squad was then spat out by another God-Star on the other side of the galaxy, which threatened the planet of Homeworld. Although the inhabitants of Homeworld, the Harmonious Free, did not at first believe that they were in any danger whatsoever, the ETC team eventually helped to save that world too. One of them, Manners, perished in the attempt. Two more of them, Feo's friends Birdy and Bulliet, got married. Feo was the chief bridesmaid.

Shortly afterwards an interstellar union of advanced alien species called the Congruence arrived, and gave the humans a lift home. The reward Feo and the others received for their heroic endeavours was to be allowed to continue their arduous, thankless and occasionally life-threatening jobs in the Grey Area, which had relocated to New Mexico.

Fortunately for Feo, she is a pragmatic and down-to-earth (no pun intended) woman with a robust sense of humour, who likes nothing better than the opportunity to use heavy weaponry at regular intervals. She keeps the sensitive and caring side of her personality well hidden, and is embarrassed if it is ever accidentally revealed. Since her return to Earth she has been serving on squad eighty-six alongside Bulliet (squad leader), Birdy, Kymn and Resting Bitch Face (one of the Harmonious Free on a cultural exchange).

Powers and abilities


Armed combat; containment of extraterrestrial immigrants.

Strength level

Human female who gets regular exercise (policing aliens).



Body armour; bio-heuristic visor given to her by Compelling Male Musk Odour which gives her the ability to see in obscure conditions (e.g. sandstorms); riot shield.


Human spaceship; flyer powered by a telekinetic Elite of the Harmonious Free; Congruence spaceship; flying ETC vehicle.


Gun; stinger (a type of taser); armour-piercing explosives; baton.


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