The Fink

Real name
Fink Angel
Current alias
The Fink
Elmer Angel (father); Link Angel (brother, deceased); Mean Angel; Junior Angel (brothers); Ratfink (son); Mean Angel, Jr (nephew)
Base of operations

Unusual features
A mutant, Fink has a skeletal appearance and pink eyes and skin
Marital status
Mutated by radiation
Place of birth
Place of death
First appearance

2000 AD prog 193


Fink wuz the second eldest son o' Pa Angel of the Angel Gang, the maddest, baddest, most dangerous ta know family in the whole o' the gosh durned Cursed Earth! Fink wuz a loner though, not happy in the' company of others, even his own kin, an' so he left the family when he weren't more'n seven years old an' took ta livin' in a hole in the ground and a-waylayin' unwary passers-by. Over time, the radiation in the Cursed Earth changed the boy, warped his body and his mind, made him somethin' less than human; made him a real downright Fink, in fact!

Years later, Fink dun heard that his family had been killed by that lowdown lawman Judge Dredd, and he took himself off ta Mega-City One to get hisself some revenge, a' killin' Dredd's buddy, Judge Larter and givin' Judge Hershey some hairy moments, but Dredd done caught him an' put him inna Iso cube (Fink's partner, a Cursed Earth rat name o' Ratty, escaped).

Some time later, the Judge Child, thet baldy kid what'd bin the cause o' Dredd's first run-in with th' Angels, contacted Fink, freed him, resurrected his dead brother Mean and sent them both out against ol' Dreddy agin (Ratty, too!). In the ensuin' fight agin Dredd, Fink dun killed Ratty by accident with wun o' his own pizen balls. He wuz then sucked into his own Pa Angel Mark One Super-Scream Torture Machine an' killed outright in the most agonizin' way imaginable. Served him right too, the varmint.

Powers and abilities


Identifyin' nateral-growin' pizens; concoctin' pizens from scratch; buildin' torture machines.



A lethal range o' pizens [poisons] which wuz his speciality.


Pizen balls [envenomed spiky spheres launched from a sling]; pizen stick [envenomed mace].


In a parallel universe, Fink Angel survived the Pa Angel Mark One Super-Scream Torture Machine "and led a Cursed Earth mutant army to burn the hated Mega-City to the ground." This version of Fink used a dimension warp to travel to Mega-City One in the Garth Ennis story 'Helter Skelter', along with some other varmints. Dredd killed him easily.


In the end credits of the 1995 Judge Dredd movie, Link Angel is misidentified as his brother Fink, though he is clearly named Link in the dialogue.


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