Forces in Combat was a war-themed comic launched by Marvel UK on May 15th 1980. It deliberately emulated the format of traditional British war comics (as its predecessor title, Fury, had done before it) rather than looking like a standard Marvel title. Forces in Combat contained reprints of American Marvel stories featuring tales of armed conflict in different genres:
  • World War II (Nick Fury)
  • Science fiction (Machine Man and Rom, Spaceknight)
  • Secret agents (Shang-Chi)
  • Western (Rawhide Kid)
  • Fantasy (Kull)

There was also one non-Marvel strip, the historical Wulf the Briton by Ron Embleton, previously published in Polystyle's TV Express. Later additions included The Golem and War is Hell, and the title also carried the original fourteen-part humour strip I Was Adolf's Double by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett.

Forces in Combat lasted for 37 issues before being merged with the SF weekly Future Tense (with #13). Rom was the only strip carried over and the Forces in Combat subtitle was dropped a week later.

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