Real name
Francis Forbes Clunie
Current alias
Bogie; Francis Clunie

First appearance


Francis Forbes Clunie was a long term patient at the Spinbinnie Mental Hospital near Glasgow who suffered from the rather unusual conviction that he was, in fact, Humphrey Bogart — or, more accurately, a composite of various characters played by Bogart in movies. He believed that he was a private detecive, and had an alarming tendency to incorporate whatever was going on in the world around him seamlessly into his fantasies during his all too frequent escapes from Spinbinnie.

'Bogie', as he considered himself to be, would build up an ever more complex web of fantasy as each 'job' progressed, frequently drawing others into his delusion with his sheer conviction. Arguably his greatest feat was saving US Vice President Dan Quayle from a totally imaginary assassination plot after finding his way to New York.

Powers and abilities


Totally mental.


The Bogie Man first appeared in a four-part limited series of the same name published by Fat Man Press in 1989. He subsequently resurfaced in the pages of Toxic! in 1991 in The Manhattan Project and the uncompleted story The Chinese Syndrome, which (following the demise of Toxic!) was later redrawn as the four part limited series Chinatoon, published by Atomeka Press in 1993. A collected edition containing the first miniseries and Chinatoon was published by Paradox Press in 1998. The Bogie Man also appeared in Apocalypse and later resurfaced in Return to Casablanca in the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine in 2005.


There was a TV film adaptation of the first series produced by the BBC, screened on BBC2 at Christmas 1992. Clunie was played by Robbie Coltrane.


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