2000 AD prog 1357 cover
From Grace is a comic strip by Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving published in 2000 AD progs 1357 (pictured) to 1361. It is collected in a trade paperback of Irving's stories called Storming Heaven, available here.

Spurrier says that the strip was published because of 2000 AD's openness to innovation and experimentation. "I wanted to play with some more storytelling gimmicks and had the idea of mucking about with time. How it ended up being about a winged tribe in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, I have no bloody idea. Every now and again an idea will come along which is so completely bat shit, you can't trace its source at all. The really notable thing about From Grace to me is that Frazer and I wouldn't have got away with that sort of head-scratching weirdness anywhere else, and it really seemed to pay off." (Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.)

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