Glenn's illustrations for the cover of 'The Little Green Tree' parts 1 & 2

"The Little Green Tree" Text & Illustrations © 2011 Glenn B Fleming


The Little Green Tree (book 1) cover


The Little Green Tree (book 2) cover

Glenn's original pencil illustration for the cover of Crikey! 15, to support part 1 of Tony's article on the Daleks. Following the death of artist John Hicklenton, it was decided that the Dalek cover and article would drop back to issue 16 and artwork by John would appear on the cover of Crikey!

Glenn's illustration for the original cover of Crikey! 15. The illustration was not used. This artwork is for sale - all enquiries to Glenn via this website.

15. However, issue 16 was then slated to be the very last issue of the series and so the article and cover were dropped altogether in favour of an appearance of Hatch. (Below, right): The unused, original Crikey! 15 cover. The image had been passed for publication by both the BBC and the Estate of Terry Nation.

The finished, coloured version of the proposed cover of Crikey! 15. Though not published, this cover had been approved by both the BBC and the Terry Nation Estate.

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