Galen DeMarco

Real name
Galen DeMarco
Judge DeMarco; Gale
Garfield DeMarco (father, deceased); Ruth Petra DeMarco (mother, deceased); Jack Point (partner)
Base of operations

168.2 cm
Unusual features
Marital status
Private investigator; former Judge
Academy of Law
Born Feb 2nd 2093
Place of birth
First appearance
Last appearance

2000 AD prog 970


Galen DeMarco is the eponymous protagonist of the Judge Dredd Megazine strips DeMarco and DeMarco, P.I. She was the daughter of a billionaire who had her inducted into the Academy of Law in Mega-City One. The infant Galen didn't want to leave her father, whom she loved dearly, but joined the Academy from a desire to please him.

DeMarco passed out third in her class. Her father was murdered by his subordinates, who had warped his charitable foundation into a scam that preyed on poor people. DeMarco was a cadet Judge at the time, seventeen years old, and didn't take any compassionate leave or attend her father's funeral. She inherited his 16 billion credit fortune, but chose to remain a Judge rather than pursue a billionaire lifestyle. Years later, all her inherited money was stolen anyway. When she shot the creep who stole it, she discovered too late that only he had known the access codes to the offshore account where her cash was stashed.

Galen first met Judge Dredd while serving (at her own request) in 'the Pit', one of the most violent and corrupt areas of the city, but Dredd discovered that she had only transferred there because she was having an affair with another Judge, Warren. He dismissed Warren for dereliction of duty, but DeMarco redeemed herself by putting her job before saving her reputation, and was allowed to remain a Judge. She later killed Warren after he kidnapped her in an attempt to seize her fortune.

Galen worked with Dredd on several subsequent occasions, but unfortunately fell in love with him. When this was discovered she resigned from Justice Department rather than undergo the 'compulsory re-education' that Chief Judge Volt demanded. Galen has since become a private investigator and is in a somewhat erratic relationship with undercover Judge Jack Point.

Powers and abilities


Investigating crimes.

Strength level

Peak human female.



Gun; electroknux.


The infamous 'DeMarco Unzipped' cover (see gallery) sparked controversy on the 2000 AD letters page for several weeks — twice! Tharg reprinted it due to popular demand... oh, and then printed it again as a double page pin-up in the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1996.


  • The original Galen was a famous Greek physician born in 129 AD. He was widely cited as an authority in the Middle Ages. Neither he nor Galen DeMarco have any known connection to Galen the chimp from the Planet of the Apes TV series.
  • Galen DeMarco's justice ID is 357-890-46A.


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