Picture of the Warpsmiths by Garry Leach

Garry Leach is occasionally credited as 'Rex'. He was born on 19th September 1954 and he is a British comic artist whose earliest significant work was for 2000 AD in the 1970s, on strips including Dan Dare, Tharg's Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, M.A.C.H. One and, most notably, The V.C.s. In 1981, he joined Quality Communications' new anthology magazine Warrior, where he was the first artist on Alan Moore's revival of Marvelman, though he soon left the strip as he was unable to maintain the pace necessary for a monthly strip. He co-created the Warpsmiths (with Alan Moore) for Warrior, and continued to chronicle their adventures later in the anthology title A1. Following the demise of A1 in the 1990s, Leach worked mostly in advertising, but returned to comics to ink John McCrea's pencils on the American DC Comics series Hitman, as well as drawing the first issue of Warren Ellis's Global Frequency and inking the first six issues of Marvel Comics' The Twelve. He has also continued to work occasionally for 2000 AD on the Tharg's Future Shorts series, and illustrated cards for the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. He has also revived Atomeka Press, the publishers of A1, with new material appearing in 2004.

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