By Jake Lynch and Eva de la Cruz

"Nu-Iceland, 2139 AD. Nestled within the frozen tundra is the domed city of HAVN, a hermetically sealed community with an artificially sustained climate, all controlled by the computer network ASKJA. There is little crime in HAVN, and those lucky enough to live within its walls want for nothing. Meanwhile, outside, the native Alfar scratch a living from the land..."

HAVN is a series by Si Spencer, Jake Lynch, Henry Flint (who took over art duties after the first two episodes) and Eva de la Cruz, with letters by Simon Bowland, which ran in the Judge Dredd Megazine #382 to #387. It is set in the world of Judge Dredd. The protagonist is a young female Alfar called Abby (pictured). The Alfar are excluded from HAVN, but Abby sneaks in by using a magical torc that disguises her as a tall, blonde, human woman. She soon discovers that a sickness lurks at the heart of the city: like Abby herself, the "bold new experiment in an urban community, free from the everyday constraints of modern living" is not what it seems...