Henry Flint

Copyright Ewen Roberts / Wikimedia Commons

Henry Flint, whose website is here, is a British comics artist with a daughter called Rosalie. In 2004 he won the 'Best Comics Artist' award at the Diamond National Comics Awards. He drew an issue of Death's Head II for Marvel UK, but most of his work has been for the galaxy's greatest comic, 2000 AD. Flint has drawn, among other things, Rogue Trooper (Friday), Venus Bluegenes, Sinister Dexter, Judge Dredd, one of the storylines of Trifecta, Missionary Man, Vector 13, Invasion! (in 3000 AD, a free comic given away with prog 1034), Nikolai Dante, Sancho Panzer, Nemesis the Warlock (Book X: The Final Conflict), Deadlock (a sequel of sorts to Nemesis the Warlock), Banzai BattalionTharg the Mighty, ABC Warriors, Shakara, The V.C.s, Low Life, Zombo and HAVN (in the Judge Dredd Megazine).


  • When asked in an interview if he would ever be tempted by non-comics work, his response was as follows: "I've tried, I did the Marks and Spencer Halloween range 2001, a couple of weeks work which paid for my wedding (easy cash), but comics and the whole way they work just drags me back. I won't sell out! I won't sell out!!!"
  • Rob Williams says that "Henry is a bit of a genius, both in terms of design and storytelling, an aspect of his work that sometimes gets taken for granted because he's so good at it" (Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop).
  • In the final part of Trifecta, drawn by Carl Critchlow, one of the Judges who came to the rescue was called Flint.