Hewligan's Haircut was a surreal comedy strip by Jamie Hewlett and Peter Milligan which ran in 2000 AD progs 700 to 707 in 1990. The central character was Hewligan, a former asylum inmate who inadvertently gets a bizarre haircut (the result of cheap plastic NHS scissors) which, as it turns out, is exactly the right shape to somehow cause reality to begin to unravel: his haircut works as a sigil which causes the guardians of reality, the Zonal Frequency Modulators (actually the giant stone heads on Easter Island) to fall asleep on the job, causing realities to begin to bleed into one another. Guided by the mysterious Scarlet O'Gasmeter, Hewligan is forced to undertake a peculiar and sometimes perilous quest to put things right, finding love (but losing his haircut) along the way.


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