The Highwayman

Real name
Ross Horton
Current alias
The Highwayman

Motorcycle gang goon
Recruited by the Manipulator
Place of birth


The Highwayman is a character from Marvel UK's Captain Britain series. He was the principal henchman of the Manipulator, who recruited him after seeing him brawling in a pub one day and thinking that he might come in useful. His persona was that of a cheeky Cockney chappy who dressed like a Regency dandy and liked to ride around the countryside cleaving lorries in twain with "twin beams of laser-born fury" shot from the motorcycle which the Manipulator (something of a scientific genius) had custom-built for him.

When Brian Braddock (the civilian alter-ego of the hero Captain Britain) and Jacko Tanner tried to get the Highwayman to pull over after witnessing an accident he had caused, he threw an explosive stud from his leather jacket at their car and made it crash. He then fought Captain Britain and knocked him unconscious, taking him to the Manipulator to be brainwashed. This was a lucky break for the Highwayman: he had encountered Captain Britain purely by chance, and took him to the Manipulator because he was worried that otherwise he would be punished for being late. In the event, his master was delighted with the unexpected gift, and the Highwayman escaped chastisement.

Captain Britain was brainwashed into attacking the Queen. The Highwayman's task was to save the Queen and ask for a visit to Buckingham Palace as his reward, which he did. During his guided tour he replaced the Queen's favourite diamond ring (which she apparently kept in an unlocked glass case in an area open to visitors) with a ring containing the mystical African gem which the Manipulator used to brainwash people.

For a brief period it looked as though the Manipulator's plan would be successful, as he did in fact manage to hypnotise the Queen. However, his plan was foiled by Captain Britain and Chief Inspector Dai Thomas. The Highwayman himself was defeated when Captain Britain threw his Star Sceptre into the spokes of his motorcycle, causing it to crash. He was subsequently sentenced to hard labour in prison.

Powers and abilities


Riding a motorcycle; conducting conversations while travelling at high speed; jumping on his motorcycle from one boat to another; armed combat.

Strength level

Human male who gets regular exercise (fighting).


Sounds like Dick Van Dyke.



Monocle which fires stun blasts.


Supercharged motorcycle equipped with laser cannon.


Laser cannon hot enough to lance through steel; explosive studs on leather jacket ('stub bombs'); chain.


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