Hulk sticker album

Hulk Sticker Album (free gift with #1)

Hulk Comic was a groundbreaking title published by Marvel UK from March 7th 1979 to 15th May 1980 (63 issues). The brainchild of editor Dez Skinn, it was the first British comic title to regularly feature the Marvel Comics characters in British-originated adventures. The line-up included Hulk stories by creators including Steve Parkhouse, John Bolton and Dave Gibbons (typically short stories based on the model used in the then current live action TV show, though the Hulk did occasionally meet fantastical foes like Susquatch, Doctor Scarabeus and the alien Quarrn), the Black Knight series by Parkhouse and John Stokes, Nick Fury by Steve Moore and Steve Dillon and a new, UK-originated character, Night Raven by Parkhouse and David Lloyd (Bolton also contributed to this).

There were also some American reprint strips (though these were outweighed by the new material in the first 20 issues) including sixties Ant Man reprints, which led to a two-part, British-originated Ant Man strip by Steve Moore and Steve Dillon beginning in #48, and (during a brief hiatus in the Black Knight strip to allow the creators time to catch up after John Stokes suffered an injury related to a fall) a reprint of the origin of Captain Britain (the Knight's co-star) from his original weekly comic, with some new artwork added (this was followed by a reprinting of an early Black Knight strip, also retouched).

From #47, the title became The Incredible Hulk Weekly. Following its cancellation, it was merged with Spider-Man, though the merged title contained no original material.

The first issue included a free Hulk sticker album (with a cover featuring the character's live action TV incarnation, which had heavily inspired the British Hulk strips). Issue two contained a packet of six free stickers.