Hulk Comic 41
"The Black Knight"

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Appearing in "The Black Knight"

Featured characters:

Supporting characters:

  • Paul Richarde, a.k.a. Le Sabre


Other characters:

  • Living gargoyle (smashed into smithereens)
  • Aragorn, the Black Knight's winged horse


  • London
  • A dim, twilight world where death is but a word


  • Dagger made from fallen meteorite


  • None

Synopsis for "The Black Knight"

The Black Knight defeats Le Sabre (non-lethally). However, the dagger he was carrying — the only weapon which can defeat the Black Knight — is still out there somewhere. Mordred has to go to his masters the Nether Gods, including Mandrac, and tell them that he has failed. Next week the strip returns to the ongoing saga featuring the Black Knight, Captain Britain, Moondog et al.


Published by Marvel UK in December 1979.


The sound made by a living gargoyle which has been injured by a sword made from a fallen meteorite is RREEEE.

Recommended reading

The next comic in this series.

Links and references

See also: Captain Britain.

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