Hulk the Menace was one of a number of short humour strips (most of them running only three panels, initially, though the length of several of them increased later) created by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett for Marvel UK in the early 1980s, which appeared on the letters pages of most of the company's various weekly and monthly titles. Hulk the Menace started life in Incredible Hulk weekly before moving into the pages of Spider-Man in late 1982. The strip basically cast Marvel's Hulk character as a green-skinned version of the Beano's Dennis the Menace.

Other strips by the same creators included Jet Lagg, The Fantastic 400 and the long-running Doctor Who?. Like most of Quinn and Howett's strips, Hulk the Menace was nominally set on the world of Earth 33 1/3.


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