Real name
Albert Potter
Current alias
Base of operations
London or New York

Marital status
Ex-meteorologist; criminal
Flew into a hurricane
First appearance


Albert Potter, who described himself as Britain's "first supervillain," was a meteorologist who was laughed at by his colleagues when he claimed to be able to control the weather. When his project was cancelled he decided to prove them wrong by flying into the heart of Hurricane Linda in a 'weather control craft' he had secretly designed and built. The craft was destroyed. Potter himself not only miraculously survived but somehow internalised the hurricane's powers. He could now generate blasts of air strong enough to destroy buildings or lift jumbo jets.

Renaming himself Hurricane after the force that had granted him his fantastic abilities (presumably because the alternative would have been Linda), the ex-meteorologist became convinced that his colleagues had sabotaged his weather control craft, and that that meant that all of humanity should be punished for mocking him. He used his powers to try to become a super villain but was defeated by Captain Britain and apparently died when his power regulator was destroyed, seemingly causing him to burn out.

In fact, Potter survived and was jailed in Darkmoor Prison, and later volunteered to be experimented on by a scientist named Samuel Merrick who infused him with the DNA of a soldier ant, giving him the ability to control minds, as well as amping up his weather powers. Placed in suspended animation, he was awakened years later by the MysTech organization, who used the now hopelessly insane Potter to attack the superheroic Gene Dogs. Potter was defeated again and Merrick vowed to undo the damage he had done to Hurricane's body and mind.

Later still, an apparently recovered Potter emigrated to America and was dissuaded from resuming his criminal career by the Fantastic Four.

Powers and abilities


Flight; weather manipulation; formerly mind control.

Strength level

His wrist blasters can "shatter a skyscraper."


Hurricane can't help leaving a faint trail of radiation wherever he goes, and his armour cuts his hearing by half.



Power-regulating backpack; boot jets; nuclear-powered body armour.


He can fly.


Wrist blasters.


Hurricane's secret base in London was a Hounslow warehouse.


When Hurricane's origin story and defeat were reprinted, with alterations, in Hulk Comic #34, he was retconned into being the unwitting servant of the Nethergods (beings such as Necromon). His transformation had been arranged by them and he had been manipulated by them without his knowledge, because they wanted to create someone who would destroy Captain Britain. This makes sense, because Hurricane was destroyed by his own power, just like Mordred (another servant of the Nethergods).


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