The Incredible Hulk (not to be confused with the earlier Hulk Comic) was a weekly title launched by Marvel UK on 21st March 1982. It featured reprints from the American Marvel comics Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Ghost Rider and What-If? at various points as well as the UK originated humour strip Hulk the Menace, and frequently included colour posters in its centre section (at other times, the four centre pages would simply be colour comic strip). Notably, issues #18-21 carried four sections of a four part pull-out X-Men poster, issue #27 had a poster sized reproduction of the cover of the American Hulk #1, and issues #2-3 carried parts of a two part poster of TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno! Issue #1 also had a free gift, a cut-out 'walking Hulk'.

The title was cancelled after #27 (29th september 1982) and merged with Spider-Man.