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Intuitor Browne
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2000 AD prog 2022


Intuitor Browne is a character from the 2000 AD strip The Order. In 1580 AD he was a state torturer who had spent years pursuing 'the rotting man', a.k.a. Ritterstahl. However, when he finally caught his prey, Ritterstahl injected Browne's subordinate Daniel Calhoun with his personality matrix and Calhoun ran away. Browne spread the word throughout London that Calhoun was a dangerous Catholic spy who needed to be captured.

Despite his wealth, intelligence and high social status, Browne was a sombre man who was saddened by his lack of imagination, inability to experience normal human emotion and subsequent alienation from the people with whom he worked. When his pursuit of Calhoun led him to Anna Kohl she promised to kill him for taking Ritterstahl from her. Browne begged her to either kill him or let him join forces with her. Following this appeal he was welcomed into the Order and reconciled with Calhoun, who shook hands with him. Ritterstahl's personality matrix was removed from Calhoun and installed in a new metal body, which meant that Anna Kohl no longer had a reason to hate Browne.

Browne used his knowledge of body language to deduce that Iztaccihuatl was romantically interested in Calhoun, and told him this, giving him the courage to declare his love for her. After the Order had defeated a giant wyrm the size of a castle tower which was also the rightful heir to the throne of England, Browne persuaded the establishment that Calhoun was not a seditious Catholic but a double agent who had been working for him all along. He then retired to a tavern to share a drink with his new comrades.

By the time he was an elderly man, Browne lived in the bubble universe known as New Atlantis with Iztaccihuatl (its queen) and Calhoun (her husband). He was assisted in his duties by a robot bird called E.R.G.O. When the woman called Donna Catalina arrived in New Atlantis with two versions of Ritterstahl (whom Browne called "my dear friend") from different points in the timeline, Browne deduced instantly that she was, in fact, a wyrm in human form. Fortunately, he was open-minded enough not to be perturbed by this.

When wyrms attacked New Atlantis, Browne directed the artillery on the walls and realised that was Donna Catalina exuding a musk-word to calm one of the wyrms and get it to defend her and the queen. At Browne's request, she later gave him the 'word' by letting him collect some of the musk in a vial.

Following directions given to them by Donna Catalina, Ritterstahl and Browne travelled to a hollow moon full of wyrms in a giant man-shaped killing machine which Ritterstahl had built and named Iron John. Their mission was to destroy the 'super-string' made of wyrms which was altering the flow of history with its vibrations. Ritterstahl tried to fight his way to the super-string but, faced with overwhelming odds, collapsed and died.

Intuitor Browne sprinkled Donna Catalina's musk on himself, which allowed him to communicate with the wyrms. He willingly became one with them and super-string, allowing their tendrils to penetrate his body as his mind spread through their twisting, coiling, interpenetrating network. Now in harmony with the super-string, Intuitor Browne was able to repair the damage the wyrms had done to history. He had finally got what he had always craved: to be part of something.

Powers and abilities


Extremely perceptive and knowledgeable; good at solving puzzles; can read body language; can draw all of London from memory (admittedly it was smaller in 1580).

Strength level

Middle-aged (later elderly) human male who hates physical exertion.


By his own estimation, he is missing the 'spark' that makes people human.



E.R.G.O., a robot bird; 'zipper' (anachronistic cigarette lighter that used to belong to Blazen).


Occasionally rides horses, but dislikes them.


Carries a gun.


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