Iztaccihuatl 2
Real name
Queen Necalli (mother, deceased)

Marital status
Place of birth
First appearance
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2000 AD prog 2022


Iztaccihuatl, a.k.a. Izta, is a character from the 2000 AD strip The Order. She was the heir to the throne of the ancient and technologically sophisticated city of Xingu, in what is now Mexico, a matriarchy which used oil as its main energy source and boasted amenities such as moving staircases. When Izta's home fell to the Spanish in 1575 AD and her mother died she was rescued and taken to London, where she joined the Order alongside Anna Kohl, Taras Sich and Francis Bacon. In 1580 AD she saved Daniel Calhoun when he had been injected with the personality matrix of the robot Ritterstahl and was being chased by government forces who thought he was a traitor.

Izta had a belligerent temperament and was quick to anger, in part because the Spanish had committed genocide on her entire people and she was stuck in a rainy city on the other side of the world where people kept thinking that she herself was Spanish. Her main concern was finding the techno-magical artefact known as the "golden seed," the last remaining relic of her people.

Once the golden seed had been retrieved from the place where Ritterstahl had hidden it, events moved quickly. Izta had to stab Daniel Calhoun to get Ritterstahl's personality matrix out of him before it killed him, save his life by imbuing him with the combined power of the golden seed and the grey seed (held by Anna Kohl), and then give him a transfusion of her own blood.

Calhoun was transformed into the first member of a new seedline which combined the traits of the golden and the grey seeds. He and Izta helped to kill a giant Wyrmqueen and became romantically involved. Calhoun's love gave Izta a reason to look to the future for the first time since her home was destroyed. Meanwhile, Calhoun's former boss Intuitor Browne joined the Order and helped ensure that Calhoun wasn't arrested for treason after all.

Izta later became queen of New Atlantis, which existed in a bubble universe outside space and time, with Intuitor Browne and Francis Bacon as her trusted advisers. She and Calhoun got married and had two children, a boy called Sean (who had black hair) and a girl called Ixchel (who had red hair).

It was Izta's grim fate to lose her city and her family for the second time in her life when Intuitor Browne merged with the wyrm super-string which was vibrating and causing changes to human history. Putting everything back as it should be meant that New Atlantis, Sean and Ixchel all disappeared... but Izta could remember that they had once existed. She swore never to forgive the rest of the Order for resetting time, and banished Calhoun from her presence.

Powers and abilities


Armed and unarmed combat; riding a velocimount.

Strength level

Peak human female.



Red leather suit; helm; oxygene-masque; aqua fortis (to destroy musk glands on Wyrmqueen).


Velocimount (ye olde motorcycle); motorboat.


Gun; mortar; two knives.


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