Jackpot was a humour title published by IPC which ran for 141 issues between 5th May 1979 and 30th January 1982. Strips included Milly O'Naire and Penny Less (about a spoilt rich girl and a canny poor girl); Laser EraserKen Reid's Robot SmithJack PottLittle and Large LennyCry BabyRichie WraggsAngel's Proper Charlies (concerning three boys who continually vied for the manipulative Angel's affections); Full O' BeansOh, BrotherIt's a Nice Life (loosely based on TV self-sufficiency sit-com 'The Good Life'); The Incredible SulkLittle Adam and EvaKid King; Nobby and His Hobbies; Good News — Bad News; Terry and Gavin's Funtastic Journey; Jakes Seven; (a spoof of TV sci-fi series Blake's 7); The Winners; Class Wars; Robin Good; The Gold Rush; Gremlins; superheroes The Amazing Three; Sporty; Top of the Class; Sherlock Jnr. the Clued-Up Kid; The Teeny Sweeney (loosely based on the seventies police drama); Shrimp; Marathon Mutt and adventure strips including The Terror Toys, Count Mysto's Maze and The Perils of Pauline. Upon cancellation, it was merged with Buster.

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