James Robinson
James Dale Robinson was born in Manchester in 1963, and has been writing comics since the late 1980s (when he worked on Atomeka Press's anthology series A1). In 1990, he worked for Fleetway on their adult anthology title Crisis. The majority of his work however, has been for American publishers, including Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Malibu, Eclipse (for whom he worked on the character Miracleman in 'Miracleman: Apocrypha' #1) and, most notably, DC Comics, for whom he created the classic limited series 'The Golden Age' as well as the long running series Starman amongst several other titles. His fascination with and knowledge of the Golden Age of comics helped bring the legendary Justice Society of America back to prominence in the 1990s, and more recently he has gone on to write the Justice League of America as well as Superman, Batman and Airboy. He wrote and directed the movie Comic Book Villains, which deserved to be a lot more successful than it was, and was also responsible for the screenplay of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which didn't. He now lives in Los Angeles.

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