163px-Jamie Delano 2005
Jamie Delano is a comics writer born in Northampton in 1954, who first began to attract attention within the comics industry as the writer of a series of Night Raven text stories in 1983-1984 in various Marvel UK monthlies. He then succeeeded Alan Moore as writer of Captain Britain in 1984, continuing to write the character until the cancellation of Captain Britain Monthly in 1986, and later going on to write for Doctor Who Magazine and also for 2000 AD (on Tharg's Future Shocks and D.R. & Quinch's Agony Page). In 1988 he broke into the American market as the writer of Hellblazer starring British occultist John Constantine, a job for which he was apparently recommended by Alan Moore, who had created the character in the pages of Swamp Thing (he was effectively the first writer for DC's 'Vertigo' mature readers imprint, which Hellblazer spearheaded). He was one of the first wave of British writers to 'invade' the American market after Moore, and has worked principally for DC and Vertigo since then, most prolifically during the 1990s.

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