Jerry Siegel 01
Jerome 'Jerry' Siegel was a comics writer born in Cleveland, Ohio on Octoberr 17th 1914, and is best remembered as one half of the duo who created Superman (the other half being artist Joe Shuster). He also self published perhaps the world's first Science Fiction fanzine, 'Cosmic Stories' in 1929, and-along with Shuster-actually created Superman publisher National Comics oldest established still recurring character, Dr Occult in New Fun #6 in October 1935. He later worked for numerous other publishers including Marvel Comics, Charlton Comics and Britain's own IPC, for whom he chronicled the adventures of crook turned crimebuster The Spider in the pages of Lion from 1965-1969, succeeding the character's creator Ted Cowan from the third story onward. Siegel severed ties with National (later DC Comics) after unsuccessfully challenging them in court over the rights to Superman in 1946, and again in 1967. He died on January 28th 1996, aged 81.

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