Jesús Blasco (3rd November 1919 to 21st October 1995) was a Spanish comics artist who worked extensively in the UK for Fleetway in the 1960s and 1970s, although in Spain his career actually began in 1935 and lasted until his death. For Fleetway, he produced numerous strips including Buffalo Bill (for Comet), Billy the Kid (for Sun) and The Indestructible Man and Adam Eterno (for Lion) as well as being one of the co-creators of the classic Valiant strip The Steel Claw. He drew episodes of Dredger for Action and Invasion! for 2000 AD, and also worked on Eagle, Tiger, Playhour, Top Spot, Ranger, Cowboy Picture Library, Thriller Picture Library, Wild West Picture Library, Fleetway Super Library, War at Sea Library, Hurricane, Jag and Look and Learn, amongst others.

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